L. Gary Knight
District 81 State Rep.
Bills introduced by Gary Knight in the 125th (2010- 2012) Legislature:

"LD 1072- An Act To Allow Antlerless Deer Permits To Be Transferred to Family Members"

"LD 78- An Act To Exempt from Subdivision Requirements Land Sold by 65 Years of Age or Older Persons"

"LD 1156- An Act To Base the Excise Tax on Vehicles on a Percentage of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price"

"LD 79- An Act Regarding Maine Clean Election Act Funds for a Candidate without a Primary Opponent"

"LD 80- An Act To Assist Municipal Clerks by Providing Adequate Time To Register Voters"

"LD 203- An Act To Provide a Property Tax Credit to Veterans"

"LD 550- An Act To Mandate Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment"

"LD 720- An Act To Restrict Permits Available to the Holder of a Super Pack License"

"LD 1468- An Act Concerning Technical Changes to the Tax Laws"

"LD 1325- An Act To Amend the Tax Laws"

"LD 1142- An Act To Amend the Farm and Open Space Tax Law"

"LD 164- An Act To Conform Business Expense Deductions to Federal Law"

"LD 836- An Act To Extend the Dental Care Access Credit for Dentists Who Practice in Underserved Areas of the State"

"LD 718- An Act To Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax"

"LD 1306- An Act Regarding the Milk Handling Fee"

"LD 835- An Act To Require the Correct Motor Vehicle Registration for Antique Autos and Custom Vehicles"

"LD 1174- An Act To Help Maine's Employers To Recruit Skilled Workers by Expanding the Availability of the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit"

"LD 1371- An Act To Promote Fair and Efficient Resolutions in Tax Disputes"

"LD 549- An Act Regarding the Recognition of Corporate Entities for Tax Purposes"

"LD 1138- An Act To Prevent Unnecessary Expulsion of Landowners from the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law Program"

"LD 834- An Act To Exempt Orthotics from Sales Tax"

"LD 1535- An Act Relating to Fiscal Notes on Proposed Legislation"

"LD 1075- An Act To Prohibit Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption"

"LD 1169- An Act To Require Timely Reporting of Dog Licensing"

"LD 713- An Act To Amend the Definition of "Retail Sale" for Purposes of the Sales and Use Tax Law"

Bills introduced by Gary Knight in the 124th (2008- 2010) Legislature:

"LD 284- Joint Order, To Amend the Joint Rules To Create a Ways and Means Joint Standing Committee"

"LD 285- An Act To Reform Taxes in Maine"

"LD 286- An Act To Base the Excise Tax on Vehicles on a Percentage of the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price"

"LD 287- An Act To Provide and Income Tax Exemption for Military Pensions of Dentists Working in High-need Areas"

"LD 288- An Act To Exempt Military Pensions from Income Tax"

"LD 289- An Act To Provide Tax Relief to Workers Who Lose Their Jobs Due To Business Closure"

"LD 290- An Act To Allow Foreign-trained Dentists To Become Licensed in Maine"

"LD 291- An Act To Allow the Department of Corrections To Accept Bank Checks for Inmates"

"LD 293- An Act To Ban Smoking on Public Beaches and in Public Parks"

"LD 303- An Act To Recouple Maine Estate Tax with the Federal Estate Tax"

"LD 304- Joint Order, To Amend the Joint Rules To Require Dynamic Estimates in Fiscal Notes"